The Truth About Motherhood: After Giving Birth to Vision

Motherhood is not an easy task.

This may sound like a weird statement coming from me. I mean, I’m a single, twenty-four year old who knows nothing of what it’s like to tote around another human-being in my mid-section for nine months. Labor-pains are foreign to me, and I’ve never had to endure the sound of that mid-night alarm clock, known as an infant’s howl. In other words, I do not have any children.

‘So who are you to give your two cents about motherhood?’ You may rightfully ask.

Well, it is true that I do not have anyone to claim as a dependent on my tax returns every year, however I am still a mother. I got intimate with someone, was impregnated, gave birth, and now I am learning what motherhood is all about. Only, none of this happened in the natural. Instead, I got intimate with God, He impregnated me with a vision and assignment, I gave birth, and now I am learning how to mother that precious blessing.

Being ‘spiritually pregnant’ is a term far from foreign in most christian circles. There is however, very little talk about what happens after the birth of the thing which God impregnated you with.

It’s tempting to just focus on getting through the pregnancy and giving birth, but we can’t forget that birth is just the beginning. How we nurture and care for the thing afterwards is the most important part. Just as in the natural, after giving spiritual birth your whole life changes- your schedule, mindset, priorities, everything. No woman ever gives birth to full grown adults, and that is the same in the spirit. We have to be willing to sacrifice our lives in order to nurture, feed, and protect the vision so it can mature into the very thing God has called it to be.

Here are three main areas of your life that will command change after you have given birth to the purpose of God in your life.

  1. Hobbies-

    When your baby is first born, motherhood may require you to cease, or at least limit a lot of the things which used to give you the most joy. Purpose is very demanding and it needs a lot of attention. You will find that a lot of things that does not serve your purpose is a waste of time.


Kesha Dorisma

Kesha Dorisma

Editor at Christian En Vogue
Kesha Dorisma is the visionary behind Christian En Vogue. She is deeply and utterly in love with Jesus Christ and she is passionate about sharing his love to the masses of this world and making his name famous! Outside of writing she is also a photographer and she loves fashion, singing and dancing, and working out before eating sushi and pizza!
Kesha Dorisma

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