Telltale Signs He is Not Your Man Of God

It is completely natural and healthy to desire to be in a romantic relationship. The longing for companionship does not become problematic until you start to desire and idolize it so much that you become willing to compromise your morals and convictions. When choosing who you will walk down the aisle with and profess your ‘I Do’s’ to, it is important to use wisdom and discernment.

Worldly wisdom says to just listen to and follow your heart. The Bible, however, warns us on just how deceitful the heart can be. (Jeremiah 17:9) The partner God has for you will do more than just make you feel good, loved and appreciated; He will also help build you up in your relationship and purpose in Christ. Therefore, it is not enough to consult your heart and emotions for relationship advice. You have to measure the relationship, evaluating just how well it fits in with your purpose and relationship with God.

Here are three major telltale signs that the relationship you are in is not the relationship God has in his perfect plans for you.  

  1. You had to sin to get the relationship or you have to sin to keep the relationship.

Everything God has for you will be found in his will. You will never have to take one step outside of the will of God to get a blessing from Him! If you had to sin to get the relationship or you have to continuously sin to keep it, the relationship may be operating in darkness. God is a God of light whom has no dealings with darkness. In other words, if your relationship is in darkness God is nowhere in it and therefore He cannot bless nor ordain it. This is not to say that if you two slip up and fall from time to time, the entire relationship is doomed. If the relationship is reliant on sin to survive, however, you can bet your bottom dollar that God is not co-signing that relationship.


Kesha Dorisma

Kesha Dorisma

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