The true father’s love is something that is hard to fathom or make sense of because it is infinite and so profound. There is nothing we as children can do to earn more love from our father and there is nothing we can do to lose our father’s love. It’s Father’s day and as you […]

Six Characteristics of God, The Father

The true father’s love is something that is hard to fathom or make sense of because it is infinite and so profound. There is nothing we as children can do to earn more love from our father and there is nothing we can do to lose our father’s love. It’s Father’s day and as you take a moment to reflect on your father whether he was the best dad in the world, or he hurt you, let you down, abandoned you, or whatever else, also remember to glorify God, The Father. No matter how amazing or horrible your earthly father was, remember: We have a perfect Heavenly Father who loves us and will never let us down, leave us, nor forsake us.

Here are a few things you should know about your father.

His Love is Unconditional, Everlasting, and Unrelenting

In the book of Luke, Jesus speaks on three different parables that all works to narrate the heart God has for his lost children. He shows us in the parable of the Prodigal Son how when a child runs off from the father’s home because he wants to do his own thing and experience the world on his own accord, the father is heartbroken yet he does not try to impose his will on him by forcing him to stay. Instead, he continues to love him and when the son decides to come back home the father is not only open and willing to accept him back, but he also celebrates the return and forgives all the transgressions that the son committed against him! Similarly, if a women were to have ten pieces of silver and lose one then she would, of course, open a lamp to find it, just as a shepherd who lost one sheep out of a hundred would leave the 99 to go find the one. Jesus tried to use these stories to describe the father’s burning love that makes him run after his children even when they are blindly running away from him. He show us just how much His arms are waiting wide open for the moment they decide to stop running and come back home. He loves his children so much he doesn’t care how far they’ve run, what they’ve done or haven’t done, He just wants all his children back home where they belong. He will not stop pursuing a stray child and He will do just about anything to get back a lost one. There’s no depth nor heights he won’t go through to make sure that his love reaches His children even when we don’t deserve it!

He is a Saviour When we are in Trouble (Literally!)

There is nothing that breaks a father’s heart more than seeing his children in tears. When His children, the Israelites, sinned against him and went their own ways they were often conquered by their enemies because without God they were rendered powerless. However, hearing them cry out in their suffering was all it took for God to come running to their rescue because a father cannot stand his children’s suffering. He will always run to save us from trouble even if we put ourselves in such situations. Also, when we go through difficult moments that are meant to shape us and grow us into more mature Christians, He will hold us through the process so we don’t feel scared or alone knowing He is always with us holding our hand through any dark moments in our lives.

He is a Proud Father

A good father is his daughter’s first and best cheerleader and God wants to be the foremost for us. When we get a big breakthrough or even experience a little victory such as a good day at school or work, He wants to rejoice with us and share in those Aha moments. He also is the one rooting for us when we think we can’t do it and when we feel like giving up, he is that tender whisper that encourages us to push through! Even when we feel like we are not doing enough, or that we don’t measure up, or meet the “Christian expectations”, God looks at us in our effort and he is unbelievably proud of our progress. Just as an earthly father will rejoice in all the wonderful milestones of his baby’s growth- like saying their first word, learning to potty, walking, or learning to eat alone- so will our Heavenly Father rejoice in all our milestones.  Further when we fail at something he doesn’t condemn them us or make us feel bad about not getting it quick enough. Instead, he encourages us to keep trying!

He has a wonderful plan for you

Most dads have so many plans laid down for their daughter’s lives even before they are born. It’s no different with God. In fact, he knew us before we were born, he knit us in our mother’s womb and he had a purpose for our lives before we hit earth. Plans for good and not for evil, to give us a future and an expected end. Our human nature makes us too myopic to see the big picture and sometimes we do not understand the path God is taking us on but a daddy never leads his little child to a place that would hurt her so if we can trust our imperfect, fleshly fathers, how much more can we trust a perfect God who is much greater and loves us so much more. Further, just as the earthly father loves to give good gifts to his children so is that the heart of God! Of course, He will give us what we need but he also wants to bless us with the desires of our heart to fulfill us and sometimes, simply just to make us smile!

He is the Provider and Wants to Take Care of You

Typically, the father is known as the provider of the household. This is also true of the heavenly father! When a father has a child he understands that a big portion of his life will now be dedicated to providing his children’s needs. When we have our father with us we do not need to go to an outside source to get the things we need such as money or love because the father will supply your needs according to what he has. God is the same way except his resources are limitless, He provides to us according to his riches in Heaven. In other words, whatever we are in lack of, God has the means to provide it!

He wants to Protect You

The father by nature is older, stronger, and wiser than his children. Therefore, he wants to use that as an advantage to protect them, hence why the bible was created. The Bible is God sharing some of His wisdom with us. When God, through the Bible, advises against or for something it is only because God knows all truth and He knows the dangers and benefits of all decisions. It’s like a father who has been through or seen some lesson producing situations in their lives and will advise the child not to do something because they already knows what could happen and they want to make sure that no harm happens to that child. This is also why the Father wants us so badly to be with him because when we are under his wings and in His Kingdom he can protect us from so much more, versus when we are out in the streets doing whatever we want to do! When you are in your Father’s home there won’t be too many people bold enough to break into His house and start attacking you while he’s home. This is the same thing in the spiritual, when you are walking with God the enemy cannot come to attack you just in any type of way.

So on this special father’s day, as we celebrate the wonderful men God has placed as father figures in our lives, let’s also remember to celebrate the greatest father, friend, brother, teacher we could ever have. The one that can goes miles our fathers can never go, and the father who is with us wherever we go.

Happy Fathers day!



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