We are called to be “fishers of men” and bring souls into the kingdom of God. One of the main reason why we are not immediately taken into heaven upon our salvation is for the sake of helping other people find the light as well. The term “evangelism” may meet many people with fear as […]

Practical Ways to Win Souls For Christ

We are called to be “fishers of men” and bring souls into the kingdom of God. One of the main reason why we are not immediately taken into heaven upon our salvation is for the sake of helping other people find the light as well. The term “evangelism” may meet many people with fear as the thought of going up to random strangers and boldly sharing your faith can be nerve-wracking, even to the holiest of us all. Evangelism, however, doesn’t always have to look like that. Understand that our life is the best form of evangelism and we can lead people to Christ without ever having to blatantly shove it down their throats.


Serve Wholeheartedly

We are called to be Jesus’s hands and Feet. When we serve people we are allowing ourselves to be used as a vessel by God and proof and that God is still concerned about them, even if they may feel forsaken.  If you just stop and pay attention you’ll find that there are many opportunities to serve those around you. It can take on many different forms such as helping them run errands, giving them rides places (not just to church), feeding them when they are without, or helping them in even the simplest things. We are in a world where people typically only look out for themselves so it will definitely speak volume to someone to see how you would go out of your way to help them out without asking anything in return. Further, people may forget what you said, but they will always remember how you make them feel. With that in mind, be sure to always make those around you feel loved, remembered, and valued by choosing to serve them whenever the opportunity arises.

Show Them Love, Always.

We all have different testimonies of how and why we came to Christ. One common factor that we can all agree on, however, is that it was the love of Christ that drew us to Him. It can be easy to forget this truth when we try to win souls, however. There is a dying world that is depressed, hopeless, lost and confused but they don’t need to hear another 60-minute sermon in order to be saved. They don’t need five new scriptures to be thrown at their sinful lifestyle, nor do they need to feel judged. What this world needs is the genuine love of God. The love of God has the ability to change people and hearts. For those that do not know how to access that love, we serve as the only point of contact they have to experience the love of God. Actually, since God is love. When we show people love, we are actually showing them the face of God. Sooner or later they will be drawn to seek him.

Don’t  Just Talk to Them About God, Talk to God About Them

Ultimately God is the only one that can bring someone into salvation. No matter how much we love on them, serve them, or talk to them about Jesus, saying Yes to Jesus is a chose they have to make for themselves. Also, sometimes people may want to change but they can’t always bring themselves into salvation because of all the bondage and spiritual slavery that they’re in. Even the Bible confirms that no one can come to Jesus unless it is God’s spirit that draws him (John 6:44). It also says that our battle is between spirits, not humans (Ephesians 6:12). That just means that sometimes a person’s salvation is something that needs to be worked out through a spiritual battle only God can win. Pray for those around you that God would reveal himself to them, that he would unblind them, take them to the end of themselves, and also give them a disgust for the things of the world.

Your Life is the Biggest Testimony

At the end of the day, you can talk to someone about the goodness of God until you are blue in the face but we can’t just talk the talk, we have to walk the walk. You can’t try to convince someone to come to Christ, yet they see you stealing, lying, cheating, and cursing, just like everyone else. If that is the case, they may rightfully have some trouble believing in this life-changing, peace-giving God that you claim to have encountered. Our lives will never be perfect and blameless but there should be a noticeable difference between our lives and the lives of the rest of the world. We should walk in more holiness, love, kindness, meekness, generosity, peace, and joy. Also, if you are always depressed, complaining, or pessimistic, trust me, no one will want that God that you serve. Let everything you say and do, glorify God. (1 Corin 10:31)

I Beseech you sisters, always be intentional in making your life one that draws people to Christ. That’s the heartbeat of our heavenly father. In other words that is his top priority, so it should be our top priority as well.  

Kesha Dorisma

Kesha Dorisma

Editor at Christian En Vogue
Kesha Dorisma is the visionary behind Christian En Vogue. She is deeply and utterly in love with Jesus Christ and she is passionate about sharing his love to the masses of this world and making his name famous! Outside of writing she is also a photographer and she loves fashion, singing and dancing, and working out before eating sushi and pizza!
Kesha Dorisma

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