Nowhere in the Bible does it directly say that dressing immodestly is a sin. In fact, the chance that someone will be sentenced to an eternity in hell for the sole act of “indecent exposure” is very unlikely. The Bible even says that man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart.(1 […]

Modest.. To Be or Not To Be?

Nowhere in the Bible does it directly say that dressing immodestly is a sin. In fact, the chance that someone will be sentenced to an eternity in hell for the sole act of “indecent exposure” is very unlikely. The Bible even says that man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart.(1 Samuel 16:7 ). This shows us that the way we dress has little to do with how righteous we are in God’s eyes. But just as Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 6:12, we can say that all things are lawful but in truth not all of these things are profitable. Dressing immodestly may not be a sin but it is just one of those things that, when analyzed, we find that not only does it fail to profit us in the kingdom of God, but it actually does more harm than good.
For a long time in my life I was a born-again believer who loved God with all my heart. I attended church several times a week, had a personal and intimate relationship with Christ, and even read my word consistently. Despite all of this, I still felt no conviction when it came time for me to leave my house in my favorite outfit combination- a crop top and high-waisted short-shorts.
It took some time but the closer I got to God, the more He revealed to me that covering up is not a form of bondage or being overly religious. Instead, it is about protecting yourself and those around you. Here are a few things that I learned about why it is important to be intentional in making sure your choice of dress is more on the modest side of things.

Modesty Honors God

According to the book of Revelations, we are the bride of Christ. As his bride, we should carry ourselves in a certain manner that would bring honor to his name. It is only natural for a husband to be concerned about the way his wife dresses in public. Not only does his wife represent him but he understands that in order to protect his wife and their relationship, the wrong type of attention should never be drawn to her. Remember, God is jealous for us (2 Cor 11:2). Not in an unhealthy, sinful way but he is very passionate about not having other people come between Him and His bride. Knowing that, we should want to cover up and not reveal our treasures to anyone else out of pure reverence and honor to our groom.

We Need to Protect our Brothers From Falling

Romans 14:21 talks about how it is not good to do anything that causes another to stumble. When we choose to wear clothing that draws attention to our bodies we could become accountable for our brother’s fall.  The Bible says that lustfully looking at a woman is the same as if you committed adultery with her. (Matthew 5:28) This means that when we parade our bodies around for men to gawk at, we could be putting them in a vulnerable position of potentially committing a great sin of adultery in their heart. Yes, it is up to him to discipline himself so he is not falling into those temptations, but as his sisters, we should want to protect him rather than be a stumbling block for him.

Modesty Also Protects You

Dressing immodestly can attract a certain type of attention that as women of God fighting to remain pure, we should want to avoid at all cost. For example, if you are wearing a revealing outfit and a guy approaches you with interest, there is good chance that he was driven solely by lust to approach you. The thing is spirits attract alike spirits so sometimes the clothes we wear can project or give off a lustful vibe and that in turn attracts guys with that same spirit of lust. Now you are forced to deal with ungodly attention and possibly temptation that could have possibly been avoided if you were hidden.

We Are To Be Set Apart

We Aerve a Holy God and we should therefore also strive to become Holy. Being holy simply means to be separate or set apart. This means that we should not be conforming to the standards and dress codes of the world. Just because it is okay for an unbeliever to wear something does not mean that it is approved in the kingdom of God. Remember, we are called to be the light of the world yet how can we shine light if we are choosing to blend in and look the same as darkness. Being holy doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice being trendy and cute, nor does it mean that we have to dress in unorthodox fashions. We should just be prudent and selective in what we choose to wear so that we don’t deter people from following Christ.
Our Bodies Are Not Our Worth
We live in a society that constantly bombards us with the false ideology that a woman’s  worth is in direct correlation to her physical beauty and the aesthetics of her body. When we choose to cover up our body it forces us to find confidence outside of our physical appearance and it also forces others to see us as something more than a body type. When you dress modestly, no longer are you narrowed down to your dress, bra, or pant size and your value is now detached from your physical attractiveness. Speaking from personal experience, I found dressing in more modest clothes to be such a freeing experience to know that every opinion and thought formed about me (be it good, bad, or indifferent) is exclusive of the way my body is perceived.
1 Corinthians 3:16 reminds us that our bodies are a temple for God and therefore our bodies are not our own. The revelation that you are the home or the resting place for the King of Kings should come with a holy reverence for your body. Out of respect to God, we should not want to leave his temple open, uncovered, and vulnerable, which we are essentially doing when we choose not to cover up.
So in the question of is dressing immodestly a sin, the answer is no and no Christian deserves to be judged for their choice of clothes. However, when we get dressed and look in the mirror it is good to reflect on these questions below. If you have to honestly answer ‘yes’ to them then maybe the outfit you have on is not the best choice.
Am I dishonoring God with the way I am dressed right now? Would my husband (Christ) be disappointed with the way I look?
Can my clothes potentially cause a brother to fall?
Will I be attracting ungodly attention to myself?
Am I blending in too much with the dress standards of the world?

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