Identifying and Styling Your Body Type

Uniquely Designed by the Master Designer

So, you are in your favorite store and they happen to have  the biggest sale of the season! All excited with your fabulous finds you go into the fitting room. You are trying everything on (hopefully like 50 items because did I mention it is the biggest sale of the season?)  Your plan is to leave the store with a whole new wardrobe carefully folded and placed into one of those super cute store gift bags, and strut out with your new purchases as if you are walking down Madison Avenue. As you step into item number one, all of a sudden, you hear a  voice. You hope with excitement it is the store’s speaker announcing an extra discount but instead you hear,

“Your legs are too fat.”

“Your hips are not curvy enough.”  

“ Your bust is too small.”

This voice in your head continues to tell you that you are not enough. Not pretty enough.  Not tall enough. Not popular enough.  There always seems to be something that is not right about your looks and your body.  The media, advertising, music and fashion industries have trained our minds to feed into their “perfect” standard of beauty. What they fail to tell us though is that this standard has been surgically constructed or photoshopped to fit into the money making standards of each one of this industries.  

We haven’t been told the truth of how  each of us has been uniquely designed by a Master Designer. Each one of us has been intricately designed, equipped, and chosen for a specific time and purpose. You are the Master Designer’s idea. You are His inspiration!  Our bodies are different, unique and most importantly, designed to carry His will and plan on the earth. You are different because you are not a copy. You are not supposed to look like somebody else. Your unique design is more than your body. It is also your personality, style, gifts, talents, skin color, nationality, etc.  Your body was designed and shaped with intention and love. You are engraved in the palm of His hand. as mentioned in Isaiah 49:16,

So, my dear fashionista, it is time to know and embrace His original plan and design for your life. It is time to become His original idea and inspiration because, after He was finished, God, the Master Designer “saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” (Genesis 1:31)   

Check out the guide to help you identify your body type and learn what to wear in order to  look like the best version of yourself.


Kesha Dorisma

Kesha Dorisma

Editor at Christian En Vogue
Kesha Dorisma is the visionary behind Christian En Vogue. She is deeply and utterly in love with Jesus Christ and she is passionate about sharing his love to the masses of this world and making his name famous! Outside of writing she is also a photographer and she loves fashion, singing and dancing, and working out before eating sushi and pizza!
Kesha Dorisma

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