Holy is the New Sexy: Fashion Trends That Lets You Slay As You Pray

Let’s break the misconception- dressing sexy isn’t synonymous with dressing promiscuously or trashy and being modest does not mean you have to compromise being stylish and trendy.  Being sexy goes far beyond how much skin you flaunt, it’s about looking and feeling confident but most importantly making the God you serve look attractive to others.

“[I will] that women adorn themselves in respectable apparel with modesty and self control..” -1 Timothy 2:9 ESV

Here Paul petitions that a woman should be modest but he also says women should  “adorn” themselves. Adorn means to make beautiful or attractive, to enhance, or embellish. This means that we should indeed be well kempt and beautifully put together but the trick is finding the perfect balance on how to slay as we pray in church without drawing too much (ungodly) attention to ourselves.

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Kesha Dorisma

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Kesha Dorisma

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