Distractions on Hearing the Voice of God

Hearing the voice of God is an absolute and necessary gift which every believer needs to have. It is not an elusive gift reserved only for a favored few; it is accessible to every believer. (Romans 8:14) Learning to hear the voice of God can save you from many unwise mistakes and it can help save the lost around you. Further, the voice of God can help lead, propel, convict, encourage, heal, rebuke, restore, affirm, and inspire among many other things.

First, I would like to clarify something about the term ‘hearing God’s voice’. This is just another way for saying being led by the spirit of God. Thought possible, it is very rare for God to speak in a loud and clear audible voice. Often, the voice of God comes as a still, small internal voice or thought. Other times, it is not even a “voice” at all. It can be released through way of visions and dreams or through more discrete ways such as through circumstances, signs, nature, or even people. Don’t put God in a box; he can “speak” in many ways.

With that said, it is God’s perfect will that all his Children would learn to hear his voice, or be led by him. Jesus even stated that his sheep hears his voice. (John 10:27) How then, can we claim to follow Christ if we cannot even hear his voice?

If you are not hearing the voice of God for yourself or you would like to sharpen your ability to do so, evaluate your life and habits. God is always speaking in one way or another (yes, even in the “silent” seasons) but sometimes the connection is bad on our end. Here are three main blockers on hearing the voice of God.

  1. Sin and Iniquity-

The literal translation of sin is “missing the mark”. The mark that this definition refers to is the glory of God. We were all created to live in God’s glory, or his presence, but when we sin, we fall short of that glory. (Romans 3:23).

[Isa 59:2: But your iniquities have separated you from God; Your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear you]

It is one thing to occasionally fall but it is not okay to continue to make sin a habit or a lifestyle. If you know you are living in sin, repent now and make a conscious decision to turn away from whatever is separating you from God. It is very hard to hear the voice of a God whom you are separated from. The good news is that as you repent, through the work of Jesus, every veil separating you from His glory and presence will be torn, allowing you to be in a better space to hear him.


Kesha Dorisma

Kesha Dorisma

Editor at Christian En Vogue
Kesha Dorisma is the visionary behind Christian En Vogue. She is deeply and utterly in love with Jesus Christ and she is passionate about sharing his love to the masses of this world and making his name famous! Outside of writing she is also a photographer and she loves fashion, singing and dancing, and working out before eating sushi and pizza!
Kesha Dorisma

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