All music is a form of worship. From the beatmaker, songwriter, performer, even down to us- the consumer who sings it, every person who plays a role in a song is acting as a worshipper. All art forms are an outward expression of one’s soul. When one is creating true art, he/she will always manifest what […]

Christians and Secular Music: Why We Should Proceed With Caution

All music is a form of worship. From the beatmaker, songwriter, performer, even down to us- the consumer who sings it, every person who plays a role in a song is acting as a worshipper.

All art forms are an outward expression of one’s soul. When one is creating true art, he/she will always manifest what is deep inside of his/her soul. For example, a depressed person battling a dark life of suicidal thoughts will not voluntarily create a painting or poem that illustrates rainbows, butterflies, and a joyous life- this is fact. It’s not just a hyperbolic idiom when artists say, “I put my heart and soul into this.” Every time an artist creates something, they are putting out a piece of their soul into that creation.


This begs the question, what part of their soul was your favorite musician putting into the song as he/she created that song you’ve had on repeat for the past two weeks?

Was it their love for God, or was it their pride, lust, anger, rebellion or idolatry?


Have you ever wondered why every church service commences with praise and worship? It’s not just done out of tradition or religion, it serves a real purpose. Can you imagine simply going to church and right off the bat the preacher starts delivering his sermon? It would be so easy to be uninterested, unfocused, or confused during the message. This is because the atmosphere would not have been prepared for the receiving of the word. 

It is because music creates atmospheres. When we sing a song, what we are truly doing is praying the words of the song to come to pass; we are breathing life to the lyrics. The Bible says life and death lie in the tongue. Don’t think this life and death is only limited to the speaking tongue, it also to applies to the singing tongue as well.

Don’t take lightly when we sing songs like,

Holy Spirit you are welcome here, come flood this place with your atmosphere.” or

“Fill me up, God!”

We are literally declaring and prophesying those things over ourselves and over the congregation.


Think: What have you been declaring and prophesying over yourself lately according to the music you listen to?  


So we established the fact the music creates atmospheres so then we should be extremely prudent in what atmospheres our playlist is creating. Have you ever fell asleep to worship music and slept so peacefully and sound? That is because the worship music created an atmosphere of worship where the spirit of God could dwell and manifest his peace. Likewise, have you ever put on a love song and all of a sudden you start coveting or reminiscing about a relationship? Or maybe, you’ve put on a sexual song and all of a sudden you start having impure thoughts. Then, as soon as that motivational song came on you felt like you could conquer the world. 

Music not only creates atmospheres around us, but it also creates atmospheres within us. Sometimes when we find ourselves depressed, Angry, or battling lustful and sexual desires, it could be partially accredited to the songs we are listening to. Music has a way of planting seeds inside of us and the more we water it, the more it grows and creates something. We have the control of deciding whether we’re going to plant good seeds or negative seeds.

Let’s consider the first book of Samuel. The Bible states that the spirit of God had left King Saul (due to his sins) and consequently God allowed the spirit of depression and fear to come upon him. David was recruited to play the harp for Saul and the Bible states that the king’s depression would leave whenever David played for him.  What Saul was battling with was more than an emotion, it was a spirit that had to be dealt with. David, who was anointed by God, was able to minister the spirit of God’s joy and peace through his music. This shows us that music does not just affect our emotions, but it affects our spirits as well. If we aren’t careful, we could be allowing our music to minister unclean spirits in us rather than the spirit of God. 

As said before, artists put their soul into their music, so whatever emotion or spirit was in them as they made the song, is now being projected to you as the listener, and even more so as the singer.

What kind of spirits does the music you listen to minister to you? Is the music you listen to drawing you away from God or closer to him?


Further, God created our mouths for the purpose of glorifying His name and proclaiming His goodness. When we sing songs that are contrary to his holiness, his righteousness, and his laws, we are actually doing wrong by him by misusing something that He gave us.

Being selective of the music we listen to isn’t because God is a mean, attention-seeking guy in the sky who is pointing his finger down on us and demanding worship. It is more about protecting ourselves. It’s hard enough to live righteously in this world so everything that may cause us to fall should be cut off immediately.

If you find that you are addicted to worldly music or you idolize it to any extent, I would like to encourage you to do a thirty-day fast from worldly music.

P.S. The more you panicked when reading that invitation to fast, or the more you thought it was an absurd or impossible thing to do, the more you should actually think about doing it. Refraining from listening to any type of music that isn’t God-glorifying will help you to clear out your mind and emotions. As you fast make sure to replace it with Godly Music.

During the fast, ask God to give you discernment when it comes to music. You can also ask that he removes the desire for worldly music from you and ask him to guide you to holy alternatives for the type of music you like.

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