In any type of relationship (friendship or romantic), the level of intimacy grows with time.  The same is true with our relationship with Christ.  The more time you spend with Christ the more your intimacy with Him grows.  However, spending time with God is not always easy for many reasons such as the day to […]

3 Practical Ways to Develop Your Intimacy with Christ

In any type of relationship (friendship or romantic), the level of intimacy grows with time.  The same is true with our relationship with Christ.  The more time you spend with Christ the more your intimacy with Him grows.  However, spending time with God is not always easy for many reasons such as the day to day responsibilities of life, investing in our relationships, climbing the corporate ladder of success, or possibly taking a more entrepreneur path by starting a business. These things can consume the majority of our time to where Christ becomes an afterthought. It’s not until we are faced with a crisis that God is the person we call on for strength.  However, God is more than our strength in a time of crisis,  He is also the lover of our souls.

Some may assume spending quality time with God requires too much effort and therefore the ability to be consistent is a struggle. Contrary to what some may think, quality time with God should not be based on certain emotions or doing different rituals at the same time and place every day. The moment you rely on your feelings, you have entered into religion and not a relationship.  God has called us to be in a relationship with Him.   Religion means you are bound by agendas, traditions, and or rituals.  A relationship is intimacy; this involves communication, vulnerability, and transparency.

Allow me to clarify, I do not think there is anything wrong with seeking God at the same place and the same time every day.  There was a season that God called me to seek Him every day at 4:30 every morning.   Looking back, I see that this was a time God was teaching me discipline and how to be consistent. However, if God has not called you to seek Him in that fashion don’t allow that to stop you from developing your intimacy with Him.

There are numerous ways to develop your intimacy with Christ but here are three of my favorite practical ways.

Make-Up A Song

God loves to hear the sound of praise.  He created every living thing to worship Him.  Trees wave their branches to give God worship.   Birds chirp and the wind blows all to give God glory and praise.  What more can you do? God gave you a voice to exalt His holy name.  Make up a song of worship to develop your intimacy with Christ.  Remember, your praise is indeed a weapon.  Before the Israelites when out to battle, God said to send the tribe of Judah first (Judges 20:18).  Judah means praise.  Praise was used to distract and intimidate the opposing enemy.   The sound of praise from the tribe of Judah instilled fear and doubt in their enemy’s mind to where they were paralyzed, defenseless, and ultimately defeated.

The worship song that you create can be a simple hymn, similar to the ones I made up.

“I am ready to be used by you.  Take all of me, I am ready to be used for your glory”

There is none like you Lord for you alone are worthy God”

“I honor and praise your name! I honor and praise your name Lord!”

Take some time to make up your own worship song to the Lord. It is an opportunity to be vulnerable and transparent before God and let Him know what’s in your heart.  Once you have made up your song, sing it!  As you begin to sing your songs throughout the day, the Joy of the Lord cannot help enter and fill in your heart. Your mind will have peace that surpasses your understanding to where the enemy has no ammunition to work with because trust me, the enemy cannot compete with a Worshipper.

Spark up a Conversation

That’s right, just start talking to God.  Prayer is defined as having a conversation with God, it’s really just that simple. Sometimes we wrongfully think prayer has to be filled with biblical rhetoric. Knowing the Bible can benefit you in prayer, however, don’t allow that to stop you from talking to God.  You can pretty much confide in Him about anything and He will listen.  It’s like you have a built-in best friend in Jesus, how cool is that?  Do not worry or doubt if God is listening, trust and know that you have Christ’s undivided attention, he is just waiting for you to just start talking.

Talk to God about:

Your hurts,  fears, struggles, and concerns

Your hopes and dreams

Your accomplishments & successes

Most importantly give God thanks by expressing your gratitude toward Him.  Magnify His name, and declare who He is in your life.  Tell God how much you appreciate Him for never leaving nor forsaking you, for His hedge of protection, and for all his spiritual, mental and emotional provisions.  Thank God for His unconditional love towards you, for His grace, mercy, favor, and peace and thank Him for even the simple things like your clothes, your family, friends, co-workers, and health.

God calls us to pray without ceasing.  This does not mean you are to be trapped in your prayer closet all day.  I believe God just want us to have a prayerful attitude.  Prayer should serve as the vehicle that will navigate you through the everyday rhythms of life. Simply put, there should be nothing that you pursue (marriage, new job, nor business opportunity) without first seeking God in prayer.  God’s answer in prayer is your license to move.

Write Him a Love Letter

If singing is not your forte, another way to develop your intimacy with Christ is by writing Him a letter, however, not just any letter—a love letter.  Writing is a great way to express your heart to God in a thoughtful and meaningful way.  A love letter, on the other hand, is personal, vulnerable, and intimate.  In addition, when you take the time out to express your thoughts to God on paper you are also being intentional.  It’s almost like you are going on a date with Jesus!  Schedule a date, time, and location and once you arrive at the writing location, whether it be at your home office, bedroom, or prayer room, God will be there.

Lastly, while writing your love letter try to be free from all distractions –avoid using your cell phones, getting on social media, or responding to personal emails.  This should be a special time between you and God.

As you can see, these are 3 practical ways for you to development your intimacy with Christ. If you truly have a strong desire to draw closer to God  I encourage you to try one, if not all of these methods.  I can almost guarantee you that you’ll see a difference in your relationship with Christ.  The key is being consistent. Whichever method you use, keep at it and in time I can almost guarantee that your intimacy with Christ will grow!

Candi Marsh

CEO & Founder at Purity Guarded
Candi Marsh

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