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Fitness is a journey. Whether you have barely broken in your running shoes or you have been on this journey for a few laps now, we all could use some structure or newness to our fitness routines. Here are three of our favorite fitness vloggers to follow now!


Led by Cassey Ho, Blogilates has been around since 2008. Blogilates takes a modern spin on the classic pilates routines and performs them to Pop songs. Blogilates seriously has a video to target Every. Single. Muscle. In your body. Guaranteed. You will experience muscle soreness in muscles that you never even knew existed and Fair warning: the exercises are a lot harder than they looks! Blogilates comes with a free monthly workout calendar which can be found on the site The calendar is also linked to youtube videos of Cassey doing the workouts.  All you need to do is follow along. It’s honestly a foolproof way of getting fit. Further, the best part about following Blogilates is getting to workout with Cassey Ho. Her vibrant personality always motivates you to push through the pain in order to achieve the body of your dreams. She also tells the best stories to distract you from the pain of the workouts and she is always giving motivational tips to inspire you to follow your dreams and live a positive life. 


The only thing harder than getting through one of these workouts without stopping is getting bored on this channel. In fact, we think that both are quite impossible! This channel already has over 500 workout videos and they continue to add more several times a week. All the workouts are from different fitness gurus from their respective niches such as pilates, Tabata, kickboxing, etc. It’s like having a new fitness trainer every day so it’s really hard to feel bored or unchallenged. Each video is done by an exhilarating trainer who is excellent at making each workout fun and invigorating. Their energy will make you want to endure the workout, even through the sweat ( and maybe tears.)

Love, Sweat, Fitness

Love, Sweat, Fitness is ran by Fitness Instructor Katie Dunlop. The most compelling thing about this channel is Katie’s inspirational fitness testimony of losing 45 pounds. She reminds us all that no matter where we may begin, we all can all reach our fitness goal if we work hard. All of the workouts on this channel are less than fifteen minutes and can be done in the comfort of your room with nothing more than a workout mat. Further, Katie keeps all the workouts interesting by introducing creative variations of mundane moves and she is also really good at explaining every move in detail for any beginner.  

There you have it! Three FREE different sources that can aid you in your fitness journey. Check them out and let us know which of these are your favorite.

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