David- a king, a worshiper, a man after God’s own heart- is one of the most revered men of God in the bible. He was the youngest (out of eight) son of Jesse. He was also a simple musician and shepherd boy who was anointed as king to reign over Israel after God rejected King […]

3 things you can learn from David For Your Dry Season

David- a king, a worshiper, a man after God’s own heart- is one of the most revered men of God in the bible. He was the youngest (out of eight) son of Jesse. He was also a simple musician and shepherd boy who was anointed as king to reign over Israel after God rejected King Saul. We also know him as the Biblical hero who defeated the mighty Goliath through his trust in God. We read about who David was and some of the things he did in his lifetime but what can we learn from him to carry us through our seasons of dryness.

Don’t be fooled, God can turn ordinary into extraordinary.

In 1 Samuel 16, after Samuel mopes over the demise of King Saul, we learn of God’s unexpected plan to anoint one of Jesse’s son as the new king.Upon Saul’s arrival to Jesse’s house in Bethlehem, Jesse presents before Samuel all the sons he believed would be worthy of such an honor of being king, yet God rejects them all.

Samuel tells Jesse that God hasn’t chosen any of the sons presented and ask him does he have any more sons? Only then does Jesse send for David who was doing his ordinary job of tending to the sheep in the field.  From there, David was anointed by Samuel and the Lord’s spirit came over him and stayed with him onward.

I read this and couldn’t help but think this is some crazy stuff! The day must have started so ordinary for David and his family. He must have awoken that morning like every other day and got on to doing what was expected of him; little did he know the unexpected would happen to him. While everyone (including his own father) saw him as the runt, God saw something different and special. He changed David’s ordinary story into an extraordinary one. While everyone else looked at his today, God saw the bigger picture and on that day He brought to light the beginning of an extraordinary call.


What is your ordinary today looking like? Has it got you convinced that you’re stuck in a dead-end job with no purpose, or that you aren’t good enough to be used by God because you’re too ordinary?


Well, if that’s the case turn those thoughts right around. Don’t be fooled into thinking God doesn’t work in the ordinary. Despite your season of dryness or things feeling plain and boring, do not lose hope. Trust that just like He did with David, God can turn your ordinary around.

While you’re waiting don’t quit serving.

Even after David was anointed and affirmed to be king, he still had to wait. In the meantime, He served his father and family by tending to the sheep and later became King Saul’s musician who would help lift the his spirit when he was depressed. In all of this, David never thought of himself as too high and mighty to serve. He used what he had (talents and time) to do what he could to make a difference. He could have seen playing the harp and looking after sheep as a waste of time yet he still humbled himself and served those around him. While he did those simple task God didn’t say a word but He was still working.


How do you see your current season? Does it feel like God has promised you something then gone silent?

Will you see your season as something that hinders or will you see it as a time to do all you can to help grow your relationship with God?


Let’s be real, no one likes seasons of waiting, dryness or tough times but it’s when you go through these times that your trust in God is really tested. Trust means believing that God is who He says He is and He will do what He said He’ll do according to His will. The part we most often push aside is ‘according to His will’. We hold on to God’s promises but want to input our own timelines and it just doesn’t work that way.

There will be tests and there will be victories.

David was a man after God’s heart but that doesn’t mean he didn’t go through hard times or have lapses in judgement. Like you and I, he went through seasons of many ups and downs. It’s great to read about his trust in God and victory over Goliath after slaying lions and bears. It’s also uplifting to read how God fulfilled his promises to him, kept him safe, and gave him those epic Psalms compositions. It’s a little less comfortable however, reading about David’s ungodly affair with Bathsheba which resulted in God taking his son.

Through everything, what we can draw from David’s story is, despite what happened, good or bad, He always looked back to God. Our nature is to avoid seasons which bring hardship but if we want to do the things God wants us to do we’ll have to experience uncomfortable situations and relationships. No one really appreciates the sunshine and rainbows if they haven’t gone through the storm.

The great lesson to be learned from David’s story is: in every season, praise God. David was tried and tested, he failed and won but God was always his cornerstone. We can also learn that a key to greatness is overcoming our tough seasons with God as our help.


Joy Sibanyoni

Joy Sibanyoni

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